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traveljurnal.com - is a blog containing a travel journal from the perspective of culture, food, travel and arts. This blog is not just about "happy" trip, but this is about the art of "living" the life from a different perspective, from the point of view of a traveler. Move from one place to another, trying to see every problem that seems endless, and look from the other side untouched for the common people.

I found an interesting and unique side of each trip and journals I wrote. And I summarize it into the nice articles and awesome photography. Try to share experiences, stories, and feelings with a different approach, a combination of travel, culinary, culture, and art.

The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.
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founder, publisher

I'm Ed "Tinkerhell" Mora. I'm a DJ, Music Producer, Art Director, and food addict living in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. The founder of Octopusk Studio and traveljurnal.com blog.

When I can persuaded away from the computer, I spend my time to DJing, create a song, culinary, travelling, playing ukulele, going to movie and blogging. For a couple years I was working on my first book project about Yogyakarta Culinary Travel. If you have interest to know more about me, hire me and doing some work together, review your food, your place, or need a guide to travel in Indonesia, feel free to contact me!

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  • Email: uzumaki_flea@yahoo.co.id
  • Mobile: +62895370179111
  • Whatsapp: +6289671374003
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