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How Much Does It Cost To Living In Yogyakarta?
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How Much Does It Cost To Living In Yogyakarta?

So many foreigners or tourists stay in Yogyakarta for a long time, even choose to settle. Yogyakarta is a tourist destination who has a different atmosphere than most other places in Indonesia. In this place you can feel the serenity, reaching deep meaning of life, a contemplations that may have never missed in our previous lives. This place teaches us about the patient, how to behave towards ourself and others, to treat every problem in life.

That's why yogyakarta still uphold the values ​​of the old culture. It's not because they don't want to change to the era that is now increasingly modern. but there are something important things in life that can't be removed, and may also make the foreigners or tourists who became enamored and make them settle.

As the title above, how much money you should spend in a month to stay in Jogjakarta?. On this post, I'll try to give you the summary about the most basic costs you spend and the basic things you need to know to to living in.

  1. Dorm rental / month: US$ 26 - US$ 150
  2. Meal:
    1 meal: US$ 1 - US$ 5
    Accumulated meal cost for one day (assuming one day to eat 3 times) = US$ 6
    Accumulation of 1 month: 31 days x US$ 6 = US$ 186/months
  3. Transportation:
    If you want to ride using public transportation, such as bus way, then the costs are: 3 cents / one time ride.
    Assuming you are doing 1 big time activity out from the dorm during in a day, then it will count 2 times costs (go and return)
    So the subtotal cost is = 6 cents x 31 days = US$ 186/months
  4. Subtotal: US$ 522
  5. Other unexpectedly costs (flex cost): US$ 200
  6. Total: US$ 722
  • Code VillageYogyakarta Classic Housing Style
  • DormDormitory Housing
  • Food StallFood Stall
  • Public TransportationDokar - Public Transportation
  • Public TransportationBecak - Public Transportation

And to make it safety measures, perhaps you need to multiplying at least 2 times from the basic calculation, so it would be US$ 722 x 2 times costs = US$ 1444/months (rounding US$ 1500/months)

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