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The Ultimate Guide to Kawah Ijen Blue Fire Accommodation: Where to Stay, Eat and Visit
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The Ultimate Guide to Kawah Ijen Blue Fire Accommodation: Where to Stay, Eat and Visit
  • Kawah Ijen Blue Fire Kawah Ijen Blue Fire

Kawah Ijen is an acidic crater lake located on the top of Mount Ijen. Ijen crater lake also known as the lakes with the highest level of acidity in the world. Kawah Ijen is part of Ijen Tourism and Nature Reserves Distric in Bondowoso and Banyuwangi, East Java. Every morning, on 02:00 am to 04:00 am around the crater, you can witness the phenomenon of blue fire that's very rare moment, because this scene only exist in two places in the world, Iceland and Ijen.


To reach the crater, you can be through two main routes, from Banyuwangi or Bondowoso. For the first one, from Banyuwangi route, this route is more difficult to pass because of the condition of the road was damaged. Climbers usually pass routes for climbing Mount Ijen. The total mileage of this route is around 38 kilometers. The second route is from Situbondo towards Sempol (Bondowoso) through Wonosari then proceed to Paltuding which can be reached by motorcycle or car. This route is easier to pass because the road conditions are good and relatively smooth.

  • Paltuding

The distance between Situbondo until Paltuding is 93 km and road conditions until Paltuding very nice so it can be reached in 2.5 hours. From Paltuding, you just walk through the trail and the caldera cliff as far as 2 kilometers to the crater. The distance of this route is around 70 kilometers with amazing view of coffee trees and pine forests. Route from Bondowoso will through coffee plantations with three different gates. In every gates, you'll asked to sign the guest book and travel destinations. The scenery along this route is very nice with green arabica coffee plantations, pine forests and virgin "Perhutani Nature Reserve Ijen-Merapi" forests.

  • Coffee Workers Coffee Workers

You can go to Bondowoso and Banyuwangi using public transport from Surabaya. The distance from Surabaya to Banyuwangi Bondowoso will talking around 200 kilometers. Along the way to the crater, you can see the sulfur miners in the vehicle trucks heading to the Ijen crater, the trip was very challenging and certainly exhausting. On arrival at Paltuding, this will be a starting point to get to the crater where you have to walk about 1.5 hours. Paltuding is the foot of a mountain with an altitude of 1,800 meters above sea level, so make sure you bring a sweater or any warm clothes. You will also need wet handkerchief on this trip, because sometimes the wind blows carried the smoke into the decline path.

  • Sulfur Miners Sulfur Miners

Besides going to the surface of the lake, you can also surround the caldera which takes a whole day. Climb to the crater is generally recommended to begin in the morning. for safety reasons, climb to the Ijen crater from Paltuding closed after 14:00 pm, as thick smoke and the possibility of wind direction that leads to a hiking trail. To pursue the trip in the morning, visitors are advised to stay in the nearby city of Bondowoso or Situbondo.

The following are some other interesting things you can see when visiting the Ijen crater:

  • Ijen Milky Way

    Ijen Milky Way Ijen Milky Way

Milky way is the sky cluster with specific patterns and always changing depending on the season. This milky way, only can seen in the less light place around. i.e on the mountains or coast that there are no lights on the edge. Kawah Ijen has different beauty Milky way than the milky way in Bromo. This moment is always eagerly awaited by most milky way photographer hunters.

  • Kawah Ijen Blue Fire

    Kawah Ijen Blue Fire Kawah Ijen Blue Fire

Blue Fire is one of the phenomena that are well known in Kawah Ijen, even his popularity defeat Ijen crater lake itself.

  • The first sunrise in Java

    The first sunrise in Java The first sunrise in Java

Ijen is one of the highest mountain in East Java. If you go into the Ijen crater and plan to see the sunrise, then you are very lucky, because the ijen crater is a gorgeous place to see the first sunrise in East Java.

  • Sulfur Miners

    Sulfur miners Sulfur Miners

There is one more thing that's very rare in other tourism place. You will see the sulfur miners were carrying hundreds of miles of sulfur to be taken to the post with a distance of about 3 kilos above the crater. For any photographers, this moment is very unique, especially for those who love the Human Interest photoraphy.

This miners are very brave. They have to take sulfur from the crater floor laden with toxic fumes and thick, of course, is very dangerous for health. Just imagine, they just use simple masks to do all of this things. however they still do it for living and food.

  • Tour de Ijen International Event

    Tour de Ijen International Event Tour de Ijen International Event

Formerly called the Tour de Ijen and now changed to International Tour de Ijen, is the name of a cycling championships official of the International Cycling Union (Union Cycliste International), held annually in Banyuwangi. This championship was first held in 2012 and is a long-distance road racing and is usually held in November and December. this event run in 4 days.

Where to stay

Here's a list of Guest House, Resorts and Hotels around the Ijen crater:

Jiwa Jawa Resort Ijen

  • Jiwa Jawa Resort Ijen Jiwa Jawa Resort Ijen
  • Address: Tamansari, Licin, Banyuwangi Regency, East Java
  • Phone: +62 811-303-818
  • Directions: Google Maps

Ijen Resort & Villas

  • Ijen Resort & Villas Ijen Resort & Villas
  • Address: Randu Agung Village, Licin, Banyuwangi District, East Java
  • Phone: +62 815-5810-4576
  • Directions: Google Maps

Ijen Resto & Guest House

  • Ijen Resort & Villas Ijen Resto & Guest House
  • Address: Kawaijen Street No.1 RT.02 / RW.04, Jambu, Taman Sari, Licin, Banyuwangi District, East Java
  • Phone: +62 852-3676-8768
  • Directions: Google Maps

Catimor Homestay

  • Catimor Homestay Catimor Homestay
  • Address: Kalianyar, Sempol, Bondowoso Regency, East Java 68288
  • Phone: +62 852-3157-7847
  • Directions: Google Maps

Arabica Homestay

  • Arabica Homestay Arabica Homestay
  • Address: Kalisat, Sempol, Bondowoso Regency, East Java
  • Phone: +62 8113 505 881 / +62 813 358 889 541
  • Directions: Google Maps

Ijen View Hotel

  • Ijen View Hotel Ijen View Hotel
  • Address: KIS. Mangunsarkoro Street No. 888, Bondowoso Districct, East Java 68216
  • Phone: +62 332 431000
  • Directions: Google Maps

Rhiko Hangduwe Guest House

  • Rhiko Hangduwe Guest House Rhiko Hangduwe Guest House
  • Address: Situbondo Highway No. 256 B, Banyuwangi District, East Java 68455
  • Phone: +62 878-8945-8221
  • Directions: Google Maps

Didu’s Homestay

  • Didu’s Homestay Didu’s Homestay
  • Address: Glagah, Banyuwangi District, East Java 68432
  • Phone: +62 852-8088-6938
  • Directions: Google Maps

Pepito Guest House

  • Pepito Guest House Pepito Guest House
  • Address: Jaksa Agung Suprapto Street No.159, Penganjuran, Banyuwangi District, East Java 68425
  • Phone: +62 813-3627-8367
  • Directions: Google Maps

And if you want hunting some good culinary spot around the Ijen crater, as usual, I also make the reviews in this article.

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