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Is Bali an Independent Country?

Many foreign tourists who don't really know in depth about Bali. Is Bali an independent country? a countries with small island? or other similar questions. In fact, this question is very trivial and maybe many Indonesian lazy to answer it because it's kind like stupid question to ask and a little offensive to some people, but this time I'll try to give an explanation about bali specifically in this article.

Where is Bali?

  • Bali Island Bali Island

Bali is a small island located in the east of the island of Java. Exactly in between the Java Island and Lombok Island. Bali is a part of Indonesia, so Bali is not a country, but it's an island as well as the provinces with Denpasar as for the Capital.

Best time to go to Bali?

When the right time to go to Bali? of course you can go to Bali anytime you want!, but there is something you need to know about Indonesian weather. Weather in Indonesia can be split into two seasons - wet and dry - with warm tropical temperatures averaging 28°C during the day, throughout the year. In most regions, the dry season spans from May to September, with the rains falling between October and April. It means, there is no winter and spring, so that there are no obstacles season to come to this island. It's just there is a celebration in which all social activities stopped for a while, like out of the house, trade, tourist attractions and other places, unless the activity inside the hotel. This day called "Nyepi Day". So, make sure you come to bali before or after Nyepi Day. Usually before Nyepi many tourists go to Yogyakarta for a while, or some of them participated to celebrate or feel the atmosphere of Nyepi in Bali. There is only one chance in a year anyway.

Cheap flight to Bali?

About cheap flights to Bali, you can check on the ticket provider nearest to you or you can do it online. Usually the traveler who visited Bali has prepared a flight plan several months in advance. But don't worry, if you've arrived at this place, everything will be very very cheap! because the rupiah exchange rate is very low compared to the dollar. You can even buy a fancy meal is only $ 1 at this place!

Where to stay in Bali?

  • Ubud Villas Ubud Bali

About this things, I've been reviewing them in another article. check this article.

Bali Airport

  • Ngurah Rai Airport Ngurah Rai International Airport

Ngurah Rai international airport is the only one airport available in Bali. For anyone who visited bali use air line, you will be dropped off at this airport, unless you are using land and sea transportation from Java Island.

Things to do in Bali

  • Bali Beach Bali Sunset

About some interesting activities you can try in this place, I review some of the articles on this blog. 7 simple things to do in Bali, Top 13 Destinations in Ubud, Bali, 7 best foods in Bali you should try!.

Bali Weather

As mentioned at the beginning. Bali is the part of Indonesia, so the season is also the same. Wet and Dry season, means you can came to Bali anytime you want. But if you want to get very cheap flight ticket, just avoid indonesian national big holiday. Like Eid Mubarak (islam big day), Christmast or Year End Celebration is the most crowded day in Bali as far as i know, and any other big day.

Is it save to travel to Bali?

If you worried or have heard some of the recent terrorist attack in Bali before, Bali bombing disaster in 2002, don't worry! since that day, Indonesian government always take firm action against all terrorist activities, including in Bali. And you'll be safe in this place as long as you don't do any criminal things. You should consider that don't do anything in violation of balinese local law, because Bali always hold tight with this one.

Travel insurance to Bali

If you do solo travelling in Bali and need travel insurance, you can order it on any website out there, such as these travel providers for example www.lonelyplanet.com/bookings, www.finder.com.au/travel-insurance-bali, www.allianz.com.au/travelinsurance/bali/, www.insureandgo.com.au, travellin.co.id. But, you don't need all of these things.. to be honest, because Bali is very safe place to come. They have great respect for anyone, especially foreign tourists. They alway thinking that it's kind like mutual benefit, their main income is from travel services. If the tourists feel threatened and reluctant to visit Bali, of course their income will also decrease. Wherever you go as far as it is a major tourist spot in Indonesia, such as Bali, Lombok, Yogyakarta. The government would prepare extra security for everyone, incuding foreign tourist, so don't worry.

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