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Yogyakarta’s Best Food - 11 Things to Eat Before You Die
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Yogyakarta’s Best Food - 11 Things to Eat Before You Die

Yogyakarta is the famous place with many legendary culinary spot. Lots of culinary places with various themes and concepts in this place, ranging from the traditional to the modern concept with a wide range of class and price. But this time I will discuss about the most favorite and best traditional foods in Yogyakarta. Here's the review below:

  1. Bu Warno’s sweet beef jerky
  2. Tip-Top's ice cream
  3. Permata’s chicken curry with coconut milk
  4. Martabak Internasional - Located at north square of the palace of Yogyakarta
  5. Bu Ageng’s stall
  6. Pak Antok’s chicken curry
  7. Sor Munggur Lowanu’s lamb curry
  8. Pak Sholeh’s beef soup
  9. Javanese traditional "Bakmi Mbah Hadi" Fried/Soupy Noodle
  10. Bu Hadi’s "Gado-gado" steamed mixed vegetables with peanut sauce
  11. Haji Slamet’s deep-fried duck
  • Bu Warno’s sweet beef jerky Bu Warno’s sweet beef jerky

    Bu Warno's beef jerky or spelled "empal" is one of the sellers in Yogyakarta were very legendary. This shop was established since the colonial era. Located at the 2nd floor in the Beringharjo traditional market, Malioboro. If you have difficulty to find this shop, you can ask the people around the market. Just asked "Warung empal Bu Warno - indonesian spelling", then they will tell you where it is. The reason is because this shop is very well known and a lot of people knew it. Bu Warno's jerky nearly the same with another jerky in Indonesia, but no at all if compared with almost all beef jerky in western. This jerky is very indonesian style and unique. The texture is more tender and have sweet and savory flavor. Bu Warno's jerky is very perfect to served for breakfast, combined with white rice and sweet soy sauce.

  • Tip-Top Tip-Top's ice cream
  • Tip-Top Tip-Top's ice cream
  • Tip-Top Tip-Top's ice cream

    Tip-Top ice cream shop is one of the historical evidence of the past colonial era. Dutch classical style building complete with the furniture still intact and well preserved in this place. For ice cream lovers, maybe the taste of ice cream at this place is not really special compared with the ice cream that's commonly sold in the mini market in Yogyakarta. However, at this point you'll be taken to remember romantic side of colonial era in the past. The antique chairs typical of the colonial era, walls made of white melamine and ice cream past simple recipe really make a romantic atmosphere changed instantly. You'll be very comfortable for long to just sit and enjoy your ice cream, especially in the rainy season. It's very perfect if you want to enjoy a romantic time with your lovers.

  • Permata’s chicken curry with coconut milk Permata’s "Gudeg" chicken curry with coconut milk

    Gudeg is one of Yogyakata city icon. This signature food was very famous in all over Indonesia, and around the world. Ranging from urban to rural areas, you will very easily to find this gudeg stall if you are visiting Yogyakarta. Although many sellers sold this dishes, but different places, also have different taste. each place has their own unique flavor. One of being my favorite place is Permata's Gudeg. Its located next to a Permata's cinema building. The taste of gudeg in this place is so different and really tasty, not too sweet like the other stall in general. savory flavors of this gudeg, more tender and soupy. Anyway, you didn't officially called visited Yogyakarta if you not try this gudeg dishes.

  • Martabak Internasional - Located at north square of the palace of Yogyakarta Martabak Internasional - Located at north square of the palace of Yogyakarta
  • Martabak Internasional - Located at north square of the palace of Yogyakarta Martabak Internasional - Located at north square of the palace of Yogyakarta

    One of this culinary food who originated from Yemen has been standing since 1951 in Yogyakarta. For who originating from Yemen or Saudi Arabia probably is already very familiar with this one. "Martabak Internasional" located in the north of the north square of the Sultan Palace of Yogyakarta will be ready to pamper you in the evenings. Crisp texture outside, and the soft texture of omelet and chicken inside is really superb!. you can enjoy this martabak for less than IDR 50.000,- amazing!!

  • Bu Ageng’s restaurant Bu Ageng’s stall
  • Bu Ageng’s restaurant Bu Ageng’s stall

    "Bu Ageng" stall is one of the most special places in Yogyakarta. You'll find a complete combination at this place. cozy, artistic, and of course the legendary menu of dishes from various places in Yogyakarta served in this "Bu Ageng" stall. Imagine! You'll find almost all the legendary and best food in Yogyakarta is served at this place. Served perfectly and premium, makes this place will not be forgotten over time. The owner of this place is a well known artist in Indonesia, is Butet kertaradjasa Brothers. Even this place is also often used for filming movies.

  • Pak Antok’s chicken curry Pak Antok’s chicken curry

    Have you ever imagined, sitting on the edge of the green grass, under the shade trees, the breeze while enjoying a delicious meal. Maybe it could be real if you come to Antok's chicken curry stall located in the Karang field, Kota Gede, Yogyakarta. Besides enjoying very tasty chicken curry, you will also be pampered with spectacular views and rustic atmosphere typical of Yogyakarta. Not crowded with traffic street and the modern building, and any other else city stuff!. The atmosphere in this place is still very old-fashioned and rustic. This place is perfect for those of you who crave the classic retro culinary atmosphere.

  • Sor Munggur Lowanu’s lamb curry Sor Munggur Lowanu’s lamb curry

    If earlier I talk about chicken curry, now I will talk about lamb curry. If you don't like chicken ingredients, you can try this alternative menu, and vice versa.

    In Yogyakarta, it is difficult to find the stall who sells lamb curry dishes. usually they only sold late afternoon until the evening. From the many stalls sells this dishes, Sor Munggur is the best so far i think, besides they using non-fat lamb meat, the sauce for this dishes also different from the others. thick, savory, not too coconut milk, larger pieces of meat and lots, as well as slices of lime leaves make this Sor Munggur dishes superb!. If you are worried about disgusting "goaty smell", don't worry! in this place all your fear will not be proven, even the rancid taste of this lamb generally we have encountered in any lamb dishes, in this place you really will not find it!

  • Pak Sholeh’s beef soup Pak Sholeh’s beef soup

    Now we will try non-coconut milk menus. Pak Soleh's soup stall is one that's a bit "unusual", it's related and reasonable if you see the price and the portion of the menu that was served. Larger pieces of meat and extra pieces, make this soup is very special. It's why the price for this menu is relatively more expensive than other soup menus in general. a matter of taste, don't worry! this soup in these places will not let you down. And if you want your own additional menu such as extra meat or other else, you can asked the waiter.

  • Javanese traditional "Bakmi Mbak Hadi" Fried Noodle Javanese traditional 'Bakmi Mbak Hadi' Fried/Soupy Noodle

    If you come to Yogyakarta, make sure to not miss this one. From some of the city that I've visited in Indonesia, this signature fried or soupy noodles from Mbah Hadi's stall is very special, and you'll not find it elsewhere. You can see it from the cooking process of this dishes. They usually use charcoal instead of using a gas stove, also they use black steel frying pan. They said, cook using this charcoal and black steel frying pan will makes this noodle dishes really well cooked and perfectly seasoned.

    In spite of the rumors, you can look at the Mbah Hadi's soupy noodle above. that dishes above looked so perfect. Yellow gravy thick sauce with dense flavors and savory shredded chicken and chewy noodles make anyone instantly hungry. Do you interested to try? Mbah Hadi's stall located in Terban near from east of the central monument "Tugu" of Yogyakarta.

  • Bu Hadi’s "Gado-gado" steamed mixed vegetables with peanut sauce Bu Hadi’s 'Gado-gado' steamed mixed vegetables with peanut sauce

    Gado-gado is a signature Indonesian dish made from a mix of steamed vegetables such as potatoes, lettuce, sliced tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, rice cake, sprouts, string beans, fried tofu and peanut sauce. This dish is perfect for your breakfast. One of the stalls selling this dish is Bu Hadi's stall. this stalls founded three decades ago, sold by their own family generation. And gado-gado in this place so special because besides very complete, vegetables used are high quality choice, plus the peanut sauce itself is so thick and crispy.

  • Haji Slamet’s deep-fried duck Haji Slamet’s deep-fried duck

    And the last menu that you shouldn't miss is the Haji Slamet's deep fried duck dishes. The deep fried duck in this place is the main menu, in addition to alternative menus such as fried chicken and some other menus. This fried duck is very different with the others fried duck elsewhere. The taste of its spices is so pervasive in the flesh, and the crispness of the duck skin is so crispy and the meat inside is very tender, plus fried chili sauce itself will makes you addicted. This dishes suits for the meal at noon. And there is also served the big whole size portion, perfect served for your family and friends.

The following are the address of all restaurant or food spot location above:

Bu Warno’s sweet beef jerky
  • Address: Pasar Beringharjo Lantai 2 Los Timur PA 1 No 423, Yogyakarta
  • Phone: +62 851-0013-3267
  • Hours: 8AM–4PM
  • Directions: Google Maps
Tip-Top's ice cream
  • Address: Jl. P. Mangkubumi No. 24, Gowongan, Jetis, Yogyakarta
  • Phone: +62 274 563682
  • Hours: 9AM-1:30PM and 5PM-9PM
  • Directions: Google Maps
Permata’s chicken curry with coconut milk
  • Address: Jalan Gajah Mada, Purwo Kinanti, Pakualaman, Yogyakarta
  • Phone: +62 274 553853
  • Hours: 9PM–2AM
  • Directions: Google Maps
Martabak Internasional - Located at north square of the palace of Yogyakarta
  • Address: Ngupasan, Gondomanan, Yogyakarta
  • Phone: +62 274 517059
  • Hours: 6PM:10PM
  • Directions: Google Maps
Bu Ageng’s restaurant
  • Address: Jl. Tirtodipuran, No.13, Mantrijeron, Yogyakarta
  • Phone: +62 812 29508183
  • Hours: 11AM–11PM ( tuesday-sunday)
  • Directions: Google Maps
Pak Antok’s chicken curry
  • Address: Jl. Nyi Pembayun No.539, Kotagede, Yogyakarta
  • Phone: -
  • Hours: 8:30AM–6PM
  • Directions: Google Maps
Sor Munggur’s lamb curry
  • Address: Jl. Lowanu, Sorosutan, Umbulharjo, Kota Yogyakarta
  • Phone: +62 878-3914-6073
  • Hours: 9AM–4PM
  • Directions: Google Maps
Pak Sholeh’s beef soup
  • Address: Jl. Wiratama No. 84, Tegalrejo, Yogyakarta
  • Phone: +62 274 560584
  • Hours: 6:30AM–3PM
  • Directions: Google Maps
Javanese traditional "Bakmi Mbak Hadi" Fried/Soupy Noodle
  • Address: Jalan C Simanjuntak No. 1, Yogyakarta
  • Phone: +62 812-2721-670
  • Hours: 5:30AM–10AM
  • Directions: Google Maps
Bu Hadi’s "Gado-gado" steamed mixed vegetables with peanut sauce
  • Address: Pasar Beringharjo lantai 2, Yogyakarta
  • Phone: +62 813-2828-862
  • Hours: 8AM–5PM
  • Directions: Google Maps
Haji Slamet’s deep-fried duck
  • Address: Jalan Magelang No.100, Karangwaru, Tegalrejo, Yogyakarta
  • Phone: +62 274 554854
  • Hours: 11AM–9PM
  • Directions: Google Maps
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