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5 important things you need to know before visiting Yogyakarta
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5 important things you need to know before visiting Yogyakarta

There are five important things you need to consider when you are visiting or doing holiday in Yogyakarta. Please check below :

  1. Find hotels near main tourist site or around Malioboro
  2. Use registered public transportation
  3. Ask the price for any food you buy
  4. Recognize the illegal tour guides around the tourist sites
  5. Learn some local words to avoid things you don't want
  • sosrowijayan regionFind hotels near main tourist site or around Malioboro

    Many foreign tourists made some mistakes when first time moment visiting Yogyakarta. They usually booked the hotel through an online apps without considering the location of the hotel where they will stay. so, they booked the hotel which is so far from main tourist sites. Looking for hotels with very cheap price, would be a major consideration, but the location of the hotels or inn is also important. Because, if the distance of the inn to the main tourist sites are too far away, you will spend extra money to pay for transportation to the venue and it would be cheaper if you do not need to use additional transport, but just enough to walk. Thus, try to look hotels or lodging closest to tourist sites.

    Use google maps to find nearby hotels from tourist sites you want to visit. In Yogyakarta, Malioboro is the center of the main tourist destinations, and there is certainly a lot of access to hotels, bus stations, shopping centers and food stalls. You can use the keyword "malioboro" in google maps. Furthermore, look around the hotel in that location by zooming on maps, and then write down some names around the hotel in that location. Last step is to get the hotel website, or use third party services such as agoda, traveloka, or some other hotel booking providers. do price comparisons and considerations mileage.

  • registered public transportation in indonesiaUse registered public transportation

    Make sure to considering or preferred to use the registered transportation during your traveling in Yogyakarta. Lately in Indonesia, a lot of startup business like public transportation services you can order through online apps, such as gojek,uber and grab. It certainly makes it easier and more secure, because in addition these service registered officially, this online apps will calculate how much you must pay to take you to your destination. It's just in easy step, you start the apps, you specify the route, and then this apps will calculate how much cost you should pay. So you will not be fooled by a fraudulent driver. Even today, many public transportation driver often defrauding like giving rates above the normal price, just because you are a "tourist". My advice is, use this online services apps like gojek, uber, grab or any other else. You can find out on appstore or playstore anyway. And for the alternative option, you can use Trans Jogja. Trans Jogja use flat rate for the service. this public transportation officially provided by the local government, and do not use a any other public taxi, motorcycle service, andong, or rickshaw except with forced condition or some other consideration.

  • foodAsk the price for any food you buy

    Always ask the price for any food you want to buy before you actually buy it, except for the food and drinks sold in mini-market. Because in these mini-market, sure you can see the fixed price of the goods. For food and beverages sold in stalls, especially those located in the main tourist spot, they generally use estimated price, so the price is not always the same. And if you are a "foreign" tourist, they will assume you are a "kind" person with a lot of money, it is likely they are will raise the prices above the normal price. Is that why, asking in advance for the price of food you want to buy. Even better if you buy in shop that has been have the price list for all the menus (in some stalls, they usually put it on the wall with big screen with image of the menus,description and price list or just printed out on paper). If you are still in doubt and worry, you can contact me to get any help.

  • yogyakarta tour guideRecognize the illegal tour guides around the tourist sites

    There is a lot of illegal tour guides around the tourist sites in Yogyakarta. Usually, they don't use the official uniform or does it look like employee travel in these locations and often appear suddenly and directly acting like the official tour "guide". In fact, doesn't matter if you will use their services or not. However, it could be a few of you would feel disturbed by the emergence of this people, especially for those of you who want a travel experience that is more privacy and quiet. Anyway, they don't determine the price for service, so you can give any amount of money to this illegal tour guides if you want. But if you do not want this service, you can reject it politely. You can use English or Indonesian. They would understand, because generally they master the English language.

  • yogyakarta local languageLearn some local words to avoid things you don't want

    It is associated with list number 4 above. It would be better if you understand a few sentences in Indonesian, as for example, greetings, words of rejection, asking price, and others. You can use Indonesian dictionary which are usually sold in bookstore like Gramedia. Gramedia also easily found in almost every mall in Indonesia or you can also ask your hotel employee to teach you some words. If you have any difficulty in this case, once again .. you can ask me anytime. I will be happy to assist you. Another time I will make the videos on youtube about learning the local language, just keep in touch and wait for it :)

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