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Boiled iced tea?! don't freak out!
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Boiled iced tea?! don't freak out!

Some time ago, I was about to go breakfast. One of my favorite breakfasts is Handayani Stall, located near the south gate of the square south of Yogyakarta Palace. I will tell you later about this Handayani Stall, but this time I want to tell about boiled iced tea.

  • Handayani StallHandayani Stall

Previously, I thought this topic was mediocre, and nothing special. But there was one moment when I saw there were some foreign tourists who were very concerned for iced tea consumed in the local food stalls around. I mean iced tea is made by a food stall at the local site (made from boiled water) and dried tea leaves, instead of bottled iced tea sold in the market in general.

At that time there were 2 foreign tourists from German sitting in front of me, they ordered breakfast and iced tea. Then they ask the waiter, if the water is taken from bottled water? or boiled water?. Certainly the servant answered, the water used is boiled water. then they discouraged to order iced tea, and only consume mineral water which they carry themselves.

From that moment, I was so curious and ask them about it. They explained, before they get that experience when ordering ice tea locally in other areas and see that the water used is boiled water cooked in a kettle that looked very dark and dirty, and the tea used is dry tea leaves that are packed on a simple packing paper,and then they are wondering if the tea is not clean, and it still contains a lot of germs, and certainly disgusting looks.

  • Dried tea leaves & Boiled waterDried tea leaves
  • Dried tea leaves & Boiled waterKettle
  • Dried tea leaves & Boiled waterWater Jug

Knowing that, I try to explain that all tea sold in stalls in Indonesia is generally made in the same way. Which is made using boiled water, and dried tea leaves are packed in a paper box, or in the form of tea bags. And why not use bottled water? sure because the price of that bottled water is more expensive, and the price of iced tea at a local shop or stall, not exceeding 3,000 rupiah or equal to US$ 0.23, Unless you buy an iced tea at a restaurant or cafe, usually they use bottled water.

  • Dried tea leaves are packed in a paper boxLocal Brand Tea Pack

But you don't need to worry. The water sources that used by the stalls are not recycled water, but the water that flows from the mountain, because as you know, Indonesia is an area that a lot of plateaus and mountains. and certainly useful boiled water to kill germs. And of course all the stalls are always cleaned every kettles they use. Moreover, there are no stalls are quite lazy to clean all the equipment,right? and they will be deserted shop customer if don't do it right, isn't it?

The most interesting things when you consume local or boiled iced tea, in particular iced tea that was in Yogyakarta. the waiters, mix the tea with a typical recipe, which is a combination of several teas from different regions so they can create a distinctive blend of flavors and tastes delicious and even more fresh than bottled iced tea that was on the market in general. and of preservative-free for sure!. Iced tea sold in Yogyakarta in general, is very different from any areas that are in Java or other areas. Curious? just try it, and tell me your experience.

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