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Less than US$ 1 food in Yogyakarta
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Less than US$ 1 food in Yogyakarta

Some of you may have never been to Yogyakarta, or also at this time you're planning to vacation in there and you do not know anything about Yogyakarta, the local language, how much should you spend for homestay, hotels or dorm, the transportation, and food.

This time, I will share the information about how much you need to spend for the cheapest meal you can get in Yoyakarta.

There is one place to eat in Yogyakarta very unique, distinctive, and simple. possibility also you can find them in several cities in Indonesia. It's called "angkringan". angkringan seems like simple tent stalls, the following menus are presented as rice wrap with small portions, more like bento in Japan. it contains anchovies sauce, fried tempeh, or chicken offal sauce.

The following are the examples of details costs you should spend for one meal in "angkringan":

  1. Iced Tea: IDR 2000
  2. Wrapped Rice: IDR 1500
  3. Quail Egg Satay: IDR 1000
  4. Bowel Satay: IDR 1000
  5. Fried Tempeh:IDR 500
  6. Total: IDR 6000
  • Wrapped RiceWrapped Rice with stir-fry tempeh
  • Iced TeaNasgitel (Yogyakarta Signature Tea)
  • Angkringan StallsAngkringan Stalls
  • Menu DisplayMenu Display
  • Bowel SatayBowel & Quail Egg Satay
  • Fried TempehCrispy Fried Tempeh

Very cheap isn't it? for those who never tried it, you might feel disgusted with the presentation and appearance of the dishes were irregular, and look dirty. but don't worry, all foods in angkringan it's not junk food. with a very low price, it is certainly worth presented.just try, perhaps it would be an alternative and add your thoughts!

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