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Where to stay in Bali?
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Where to stay in Bali?

Hi, this time I want to share some tips about how to choose convenient, cheap, and close to tourist sites in Bali?. Perhaps this is the first time for you to go to Bali, or you're just want to holiday with a limited budget. Well, here is tips are very suitable you can follow. There are some important points you should note well by the way.

  • Poppies Street IIPoppies Street II
  • Melasti StreetMelasti Street
  • Poppies Street IPoppies Street I
  • Benesari StreetBenesari Street
  1. Choose cheap and convenient hotels
  2. Avoid to use travel agent services to book a hotel, because there is no agent that provides a reference price under US$ 10. better you book the hotel by calling the hotel in advance.
  3. In addition, as an alternative option could also rent boarding house / dorm or house rental with daily or weekly system. Usually there is 3 option : daily, weekly, or monthly. For weekly and monthly, you can ask the hotel receptionist, generally up to 20% discount for 1 month.
  4. Do not be shy to ask from one hotel, to anothers and so on, in order to get the cheapest price.
  5. Budget limit your stay with a range of budget: IDR 60 (Indonesian Rupiah) / night, equivalent to US$ 7 / night - US$ 20 / night.
  6. Make sure you install the application to ensure that the currency conversion is correct and avoid scams.
  7. Make sure you find out information in advance about the currency exchange rate, before asking. If you are being lied to, do not tell the local police because the police will favoring local residents. better exchange rate in the official and reputable bank such as BCA, BRI, or Mandiri Bank.
  8. In general for some low-class hotels have facilities including 2 bed, bathroom inside, the fan, and a light breakfast in the morning.
  9. Better book by calling the hotel directly, rather than through a hotel booking website. Because in addition to getting the latest prices, you will also get a cheaper price.

The following list of cheap and convenient hotels and the price list that you can try:

Jalan Poppies I
  • Hotel Name: Komala Indah I
  • Address: Jl.Benesari Gg.Lusa Inn, Kuta
  • Phone: +62 361 751422
  • Rate: IDR 80.000/night – IDR 125.000/night
  • Hotel Name: Komala Indah II
  • Address: Jl.Pantai Kuta, Kuta
  • Email: komalaindahsunset@yahoo.com
  • Phone: +62 361 – 751670
  • Rate: IDR 60.000/night – IDR 180.000/night
Jalan Poppies II
  • Hotel Name: Mahendra
  • Address: Jl.Poppies 2, Kuta
  • Hotel Name: Komala Indah I
  • Phone: +62 361-752371
  • Rate: IDR 100.000/night
  • Hotel Name: Bungalows Taman Ayu II
  • Address: Jl.Benesari, Gg.Poppies 2, Kuta
  • Hotel Name: Komala Indah I
  • Email: komalaindahsunset@yahoo.com
  • Phone: +62 361-754376/+62 361-751855
  • Rate: IDR 100.000/night – IDR 130.000/night
  • Hotel Name: Losman Arthawan
  • Address: Jl Legian Kuta Gg.Poppies 2, Kuta
  • Phone: +62 361-752913
  • Rate: IDR 60.000/night – IDR 90.000/night
  • Hotel Name: Dua Dara Inn
  • Address: Jl. Poppies 2, Kuta
  • Phone: +62 361-754031
  • Rate: IDR 150.000/night – IDR 250.000/night
  • Hotel Name: Segara Sadhu Inn
  • Address: Jl.Poppies 2 Gg.1 No.3A, Kuta
  • Phone: +62 361-759909
  • Rate: IDR 150.000/night
Jalan Melasti
  • Hotel Name: Hotel Sayang Maha Mertha
  • Address: Jl.Melasti lebak Bene, Legian, Kuta
  • Phone: +62 361-751249
  • Rate: IDR 200.000/night
Jalan Benesari
  • Hotel Name: Bali Duta Wisata Beach Inn
  • Address: Jl.Benesari Gg.Poppies 2, Kuta
  • Phone: +62 361-753534
  • Rate: IDR 70.000/night - IDR 120.000/night
  • Hotel Name: Taman Ayu II Bunglows
  • Address: Jl.Benesari, Gg.Poppies 2, Kuta
  • Phone: +62 361-754376
  • Rate: IDR 100.000/night - IDR 200.000/night
  • Hotel Name: Sari Indah Cottage
  • Address: Jl.Benesari, Kuta
  • Phone: +62 361-754047
  • Rate: IDR 100.000/night - IDR 130.000/night
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