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7 simple things to do in Bali
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7 simple things to do in Bali

Bali is strongly maintain the local culture. Perhaps, it will sounds strange and very unusual for you. But, whatever it is, you must obey the rules. Actually, the Bali's people is very friendly and kind. Mostly Indonesian people had a culture where anyone who came in, will regarded as an honored guest. So, do not be surprised if anywhere you go in Indonesia, including Bali, the people will kind to you.

There is a couple thing you need to know, and good to try when you taking a holidays, doing a job, or will stay for a long time in Bali.

  1. Haggling.
  2. Culinary Tour.
  3. Local Language.
  4. Smile and Greet.
  5. Eat in "Warteg" Homey Food Stalls.
  6. Wear "sendal" flip-flop.
  7. Get free internet access on cafe or convenience store.
  • HagglingHaggling
  • Culinary TourCulinary Tour
  • Local LanguageLocal Language
  • Get free internet access on cafe or convenience storeGet free internet access on cafe or convenience store


  • In certain places, such as street vendors or for goods that do not have a price tag, you can haggling to sellers directly. If you are proficient enough to haggle, then you can get a one third of the price being offered. And see that you remain polite when haggling, and do not make the seller hurt over your word.

Culinary Tour

  • Many tradisional food in Bali is very tasty and very cheap. Therefore, don't miss to try any traditional food every time you go to each location in Bali.

Local Language

  • Learn the local language, at least for words that are very common like. i.e hi, introducing name, and gratitude. That would make local residents feel comfortable with your arrival and your attitude.

Smile and Greet

  • Smile and greeting is an eastern culture, which is always applied in everyday life, including balinese people. Try to keep smiling and say hello when you passed or passing housing residents around, then you will be highly respected.

Eat in "Warteg" Homey Food Stalls

  • Eat in "warteg" homey food stalls are the things you can do to save expenses eat, because the price of food at the food stall is very cheap. The average price of food in "warteg" ranges between 7000-10000 rupiah / IDR 7K - 10K or same as fifty-cent piece / half-dollar.

Wear "sendal" flip-flop

  • In Indonesia, people rarely wear shoes, except when he was about to go officially like to work, or to an important event. Beyond that, the Indonesian people prefer to wear flipflop "sendals", and as you know, in Indonesia you should not be surprised if there are people who like to steal shoes in public places.

Get free internet access on cafe or convenience store

  • The first thing you should do when travelling or vacation to Bali or another place in Indonesia is to make sure your cellular card can be detected and received signals in Indonesia, and I think it is very unlikely. Therefore, you can buy a cheap cellular phone and cards in Indonesia or if you want even cheaper, use the free internet access that is commonly provided at a cafe or at the convenient store.
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