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11 things not allowed in Bali
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11 things not allowed in Bali

There is a couple thing you need to know, and not allowed in Bali.

  1. Stepping on or bypassing "canang" offerings.
  2. Entering the shrine carelessly.
  3. Behave badly in the holy place.
  4. Stay for a long time without registering the ID (permit to stay license card).
  5. Cursing during ceremonies.
  6. Touching balinese peoples head.
  7. Urinating in sacred place.
  8. Stay out from hotels during Nyepi.
  9. Ignore the the beach sign.
  10. Don't leave important items on the motorcycle, or car in public area.
  11. Don't take pictures by turn on the flash when there are people praying or do ceremonial.
  • CanangStepping on 'Canang' offerings.
  • Kipemregistering the ID card 'Kipem'.
  • Cursing during ceremoniesCursing during ceremonies.
  • Stay out from hotels during NyepiStay out from hotels during Nyepi.
  • Ignore the the beach signIgnore the the beach sign.

Stepping on or bypassing "canang" offerings.

  • "Canang" is offerings presented by Hindus in Bali to honor the creator of the universe. And you will often see when you're in Bali. If accidentally stepped on, apologizing, at least do it in your mind.

Entering the shrine carelessly.

  • Every tourist location has its own rules, according the local culture also. i.e required to wear scarves and fabrics. In addition, local Hindus also comply with these rules. So a big mistake if you think it's just about "money" business. Especially for women who menstruation (periods) there are a couple of things and places that are sanctified, therefore women who are menstruating, are prohibited from entering the shrine.

Behave badly in the holy place.

  • Although open to tourists, don't misbehave or do mischief on tourist sites in Bali. Speak manners is very important, because the local people are so uphold honor. If you want to take out the trash, you can put it in a plastic bag for a while and throw it in the trash later, do not throw the garbage in the wrong place.

Stay for a long time without registering the ID cards(permit to stay license card).

  • If you plan to take a vacation shortly, then you are not required to register your identity on the local authority, that would be fine. But for those who stay long enough in Bali, you are required to create a temporary identity cards called "Kipem". Part of the security or the authorities in Bali will often conduct raids "Kipem", if you do not have it, then you will be affected by customary law and even expelled. Balinese are maintaining security in the region, especially since the terrorist attacks. Therefore they will not forgive a stranger or anyone who violates.

Cursing during ceremonies.

  • Perhaps, you will be angry because of the public road that passed was closed temporarily or completely stopped because there are ceremonies, i.e the cremation ceremony. But that's not makes you condemned or honking loudly and repeatedly. If you did that, it means you do not respect the local people around you. So, it would be better to avoid being in front of people who are praying or doing ceremonial.

Touching balinese head.

  • The Balinese believe that the head is the most sacred part of the body. Therefore, avoid to hold or touching the people's head in Bali, especially for the Balinese it self, even if you want to wipe the children's heads as a sign of affection, but for the Balinese itself, holding or touching the head is considered impolite.

Urinating in any place.

  • In Bali, many areas that are considered sacred, many trees were considered sacred and worshiped. So, please avoid urinating in any place.

Stay out from hotels during Nyepi.

  • Were not allowed out of the house or a hotel, lighting fires and lights. If there are unexpected needs, such as illness or childbirth it is fine. But remember, there will be guards "Pecalang" watchful during Nyepi underway.

Ignore the signs on the beach.

  • Each beach has signs ban. Either because the sea was high tide or other problems. Pay attention to and if necessary ask the local guide of the prohibition on the beach.

Don't put important thing on the motorcycle, car, or anything in public place.

  • Condition in Indonesia is very different with the another countries. The things are very trivial for you or your country, it could be a bad thing in Indonesia. i.e putting goods on motorcycles, or cars, and also does not lock motorcycle or car in a public place. This is very dangerous, because many thieves will takes this advantage of not secure conditions like this.

Don't take pictures by turn on the flash when there are people praying or do ceremonial.

  • Same as the previous point number 7 above, where a ceremonial activity in Bali is considered important by local people. any things that bother these activities will get punishment, i.e taking a picture by turn on the flash light at the ceremonial activity in Bali is not allowed.
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